What We Do

We’re not just an investor.
We’re all about being an active stakeholder.

  • Identify

    We are renown for identifying early stage technologies
    and start-ups. Our established network and expertise
    enable us to do so.

  • Incubate

    We run an incubation center for our early stage
    start-ups that need support in early growth stage.

  • Accelerate

    We act as business development
    managers for our portfolio companies.
    We help companies collaborate in the bio-ecosystem.

  • Funding to IPO

    We back our portfolio companies in the long run.
    We accompany them from the very start to their success.

We take entrepreneurial ideas into reality.
We have been investing in the past, present and into the future

  • Korea to Global

    Using our global pharmaceutical network
    we source licensing & research collaboration deals
    for our portfolios.

  • Korea to China

    Through collaboration with our network in China
    we help value up our portfolio companies.
    Each year we host ‘China Korea Bio Business Networking Day’
    to connect Korean biotechs with Chinese pharmaceuticals
    and buy-side investors.

  • Korea to Vietnam

    We invest in local Vietnam start-ups and
    build up platforms, formulate ecosystems
    to accommodate the growth of future industries.

And beyond…
We are creators and path makers
We create synergy, matrix and we take the first step for others to follow